Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Easter with G45 Sweet Sentiments

Hi everyone,

I challenged myself to replicate this adorable shutter card produced by the design team at Graphic 45 using their previous Sweet Sentiment Collection.

Sweet sentiments is an old collection and I managed to get my hands on just 1 sheet given to me by the kind and fearless Vera from Aunty Vera's Scrap and Craft. So I thought I better make it count. 

Here is my humble attempt at a reproduction:

I visited Graphic 45 to get the dimensions to create the shutter card. You can find them here.
And then I used my only Sweet sentiments sheet plus a whole lot of butterflies and easter bunnies and glitter to embellish it to do it justice.

Here are some close-ups:

I used glitter and glossy accents on areas like egg shell and lace to make it pop and seem more realistic.

Doilies and butterflies are perfect to frame the sweet Easter sentiment.

I wish you could see just how pearl-like the glossy accents and glitter combination makes the egg shell seem on this panel.

 And again here, the daisies look so lovely with that dimension and shine.

Here it is one more time in full.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you take some time to create a shutter card this Easter. 

Happy crafting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Handmade Paper Clip Art

Hi everyone,

I have been having an absolute ball making my own paper clips and book page markers. They are so easy to make and you actually end up using a lot of embellishments you didn't know how to add in your scrapbooking/crafting routine. My biggest challenge was finding 50mm paper clips!! I ended up finding silver ones at Officeworks and coloured plastic ones at Big W.
My heart was really after the zebra paper clips but so far, no luck.

Let me show you what I came up with:

These were chipboard pieces by American Crafts which I have had for about a year now and I never knew how to use them because they were so chunky. They are perfect for paper clips !!

I adore that bee!!

Here is my favourite!

I love these coffee themed wood veneers by Prima. So so cute!!!
On the back, I placed a pretty button over the hot glue to make it look prim and proper.

Next, I moved onto handmade items and I made them in categories.

#1- Butterflys

These are some butterflies I have had in my stash for ages. It's like they have been hanging on to be made for this project. I need to go and buy some more of these. Now, where did I get them from??

#2- Cats

These are little postage style paper cuts from G45 -Raining Cats and Dogs Collection. These I adore!! But maybe thats because I am a cat person.

#3- Dogs

Once again, from the Raining Cats & Dogs Collection. Look at that pretty Lassie!

#4- Vintage Ladies

These postage style stamps are from G45- A Ladies Diary. I used bits of ribbon, buttons, fabric flowers- anything and everything looks good.

If you like anything you see here, please head on over to my FB Page where you can see more and contact me for prices.

Thank you for looking.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Kids art and super-hero comics

Hi everyone,

I just spent an adorable weekend drawing superhero comics with my kids. I was a bit shocked in class  (my son is in Yr 2) last week when I noticed that his art work was mainly stick figures and that most of the other kids' art was a lot better. So we spent some time talking about body shapes and he really grasped it in no time and started producing some great art.

The first practise page. 

Then we decided to do a side by side story page.

Here is our completed super-hero comic.

Next we decided to draw animals.
A bear- a cat and a bunny.

Then Zayn started drawing Ninja's. Its was interesting to watch him apply the techniques he had just learnt.

Meanwhile, my eldest Zaki, started drawing strange faces.

He then started giving them miserable lives!! Seriously, "accelerated ageing disease brough on by chemical disaster at birth"..poor Walter!!

And this guy- Criley, has fuzzy ears and is a waste disposer and wishes he was a wizard. Where does he come up with this stuff?

The next night, we pulled out our favourite book "Arthur" and we drew our favourite characters from the book. This is Zayn's art work.

And this is Zaki's.

Zaki also made this comic strip called "Mr Goldman has Pizza".

And then he did a voice-over.

So cute!! I didn't know my kids had it in them to be so creative, but I guess at 7 & 11, they are growing up and have some funny ideas about life.

Thanks for stopping by,

Pocket Letter Pals

Hi everyone,

Yes! I have caught the Pocket Letter Pal bug and YES, I caught it bad!

For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, it was created by Janette Lane as a cheaper alternative to project life but little did she realise it would become something different. A way to both artistically express yourself AND gain art pals via "snail mail" aka "happy mail". 

Someone posted this image in the Pocket Letter Pals Facebook Group a few days ago and it pretty much describes how much fun it is to get something in the mail that is addressed to you that is NOT a bill.

So far I have created 3 pocket letters:

#1- Amelia's Pocket Letter

This was my first so to tell you the truth I didn't know where I was going with this one. My PL was getting married and so all I could think of was love and happy home.

#2- Sharon's Pocket Letter

Sharon and I decided to do fairytale themes. I chose Alice in Wonderland for her and she chose Winnie the Pooh for me. I can't wait to get my Pooh bear pocket letter.

#3- Donna's Pocket Letter

This one was animal themed because my PLP is a wildlife ranger and has many cats and dogs at home, so I thought this G45 Raining Cats & Dogs collection was perfect for her.

 I also wanted to show you the back of the PL. Usually I insert something in each pocket- die-cuts, stickers, embellishments etc.

And this is how I usually package them. They fold in thirds and post in a regular envelope.

So far, I have only received one:

I really love the color scheme. I recognise some of it as KaiserCraft Shine & Bright collection. I love the paper piecing she did and the tiny little sticker letters. And I love how she incorporated our wedding anniversary. Thats special !!!

I can honestly say that I am enjoying this new spin on pen palling. Pass by the Facebook page and have a look at some of the amazing things the girls are posting. You will be inspired Im sure!!

Thanks for stopping by.
xx AmiraInOz

12 Tags of 2015 – March

Hi Everyone,

Its March and yes, I am here to show you my March Tag inspired by Tim Holtz. For those of you not familiar with this challenge, please take the tour over on the website here.

Here is Tim's tag for March:

This tag was a simple one to make in the end despite all the elements.

First, create a mixed media background then clear emboss a stamp (stamped with black ink). Then, use texture paste and emboss with gold embossing powder and finally add your embellishments.

Here is mine:

I still went with the butterfly theme but totally made it my own.

I added the #3 to signify March.

And a wooden butterfly embellishment to match the stamp. You can't see it very clearly here, but you can faintly see washi tape peering here and there from under the paint lovely.

The big butterfly was an old brooch given to me so I cut off the pin and added it here. I also added some buttons to match. I also added a pink ribbon and a Victorian charm to the top of the tag.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I create these to send off to a swap. So I hope my partner likes my tag!!

Thank you for stopping by,
xx AmiraInOz

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pretty Origami Dresses

Hi Everyone,

I came across this simple Origami Dress Tutorial and made a whole lot of cards I would love to share with you. These will be available on my Facebook Page under the albums: Cards for Sale.

For the dresses, I used this origami paper I found at my local Spotlight store:

You don't have to use origami paper, but technically, the thinner the paper you use, the sharper and less bulky your folding will become.

Card 1- Love my Story

I also chose to decorate the inside of the cards...

Card 2- Love

This is the inside of the card .....

Card 3- Be Mine

This is the inside of the card...

Card 4- You are one of a kind

And the inside of the card....

Card 5- Free

 And the inside ...

Card 6- Love this moment

 And the inside of the card....

Did you want a close-up of little foxy? He's so cute!!

Card 7- When I grow up...

And the inside...

Card 8- Little green dress

This is a top-loading style card. Here is the inside..

Thank you for stopping by. I hope I have inspired you to make a ton of little origami dresses!
Happy crafting.